We are Helian

In an ever-changing context and constant challenges, it sometimes seems difficult to start new projects and businesses.

In our view, tough challenges open up great opportunities that can be seized with simple and creative new ideas, with concrete, specific, achievable projects.

Our job is to turn ideas into projects and projects into life.

As corporate lawyers in top law firms and companies, we have learnt that in order to make the most of the opportunities, it is necessary to be innovative, maximize resources, and have ingenuity and the ability to adapt to changes. From different points of view, we identify risks and recommend strategies to minimize them, always focused on making possible each project.

Helian is a startup company with years of experience. It is the possibility to make the best out of our know-how and market understanding in a flexible and efficient organization, working together with a tailor-made team that always puts the project first, because its success is also our success.

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