Our Work

We are changing the way in which we all think about power generation and consumption.

Today, new power generation and transmission technologies, combined with information technologies, make it physically and economically viable to devise a new concept of power supply with the following features:

More interactivity

Decentralization and distribution – Flexibility and modularity

Self-sufficiency and autonomy


The most important change brought about by this new energy path is the possibility to conceive power provision focusing on demand, as well as on supply –as has always been done in the past. Changes in the energy mix will be achieved through small, financeable, and doable projects.

We work to make these projects come true.

-We identify the problems and needs of our clients.

-We develop projects together with our clients to address these problems and needs.

-We select and contact the most efficient technology providers on a case-to-case basis.

-We design the project’s financing structure.

-We create the legal and contractual vehicles for every stage of the project.

-We supervise implementation at every stage until the project is completed.

The following are examples of projects we work on:

Renewable and conventional self-generation of power –grid-connected, dispersed or distributed power.

Small and medium renewable and conventional power plants for power purchase agreements between private parties or public entities.

Small-scale energy solutions (residential, corporate, and governmental demand; property development), with related ancillary services.

Projects of social interest focused on supplying energy to deprived communities (through NGOs and charity foundations).

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